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Come & have a sing with us!!

We meet at Fraser Hall, Leylands Retirement Village, Broadway, Derby. DE22 1AY each Wednesday from 7.30pm - 9.30pm

Rehearsal Dates


The dates that are already in the diary are:



Every Wednesday

7.30pm - 9.30pm








Future dates will be posted as they are agreed.


So we've interested you enough to get this far.....

Cool! Right, well lets get some basics out the way, and then I'll explain a bit more:


Rehearsal night is Wednesday, 7.30pm until 9.30pm. 


We rehearse at The Fraser Hall, Leylands Retirement Village, Broadway, Derby. 


The Cost - Well your first week is free, to see what you think of us, and to decide if you like it. After that its £5 per session. This covers the pianist, music costs, hall hire, and things like that - oh, and a cup of tea!


So that's the basics done, now let's tell you a bit about how we work.


The first thing is that although we'd love to see you every week, we know that this isn't always possible. We all have busy lives and if you get home and the kids are grizzling or you've had a grueller at work, thats fine! As I said, we'd love to see you, and a good sing really does get rid of some of that stress, but we understand if you can't make it. No worries, we'll see you the following week!


Its useful to bring a bottle of water - believe me, you'll be singing your socks off, and sometimes you just need to whet your whistle! 


We do meet most weeks, even during school holidays. Some choirs work on a term type basis, but a lot of our choir are not involved with schools, so we don't need to.


We are now a mixed Choir, so bring along your partners for a sing!


We pretty much split the choir into 4 sections, Soprano 1 - these are the high voices, and usually do the tune. Soprano 2 - the ladies who do a lot of the harmony work. Its usually a bit fiddly, but sounds fab, the Alto's - the ladies who don't feel they can hit the high notes the Sopranos can, but are still great in the mix. Finally, the men - they provide a lot of the depth to the sound.


We don't currently do competitions. I've been in a load of choir competitions over the years, and they are brutal. Nobody wants to be told they were a tiny bit flat in bar 42, and then sharp in bar 44, or that they didn't look at the conductor enough,  - its flippin demoralising, so I won't subject our choir to that. At least not yet!


The Choir usually do a few concerts each year - and we will probably do more  in the future. They are always good fun, and raise money for good local causes.


The friendship Element - Most of our choir didn't know each other before Derby Community Choir - but now we have a fabulous group of friends who socialise and have fun together - a group even take regular trips to London to see shows,


I reckon thats about all I can tell you at this point. Why not contact us via the contact us page, and arrange to come & give us a go. If you like it, great - come & join us, if not - then we understand.



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