About us


We are a mixed voices choir based in Derby. 


We started back in 2011, and since that time have gone from strength to strength.


We currently have around 

50 members each week


Our songs include cool stuff , including songs by U2, Metallica, Coldplay, Elton John, and more!


We also do songs from films, including Disney, Hairspray, James Bond themes, South Pacific, Les Miserables, and loads more!


We are always on the look out for anyone who wants to come & sing, so why not contact us to arrange a trial session - No auditions, no tests, just come and have a sing!

Derby Community Choir

Waaaaay back in the 90's, in his early 20's, Kev Jackson was appearing in amateur theatre in North Derbyshire, playing some fab roles in musicals like Jesus Christ Superstar, Half a Sixpence, Annie Get Your Gun, Carousel, and a whole load more.  

Kev had already got a background in singing, having done the whole "Once in Royal David's City" solo when he was about 8, and been singing in various choirs ever since. 

So back in 2011, Kev spotted that there were loads of people who said that they would never be able to sing in a choir because they 'weren't good enough' or 'haven't sung since school'. 

So Kev started a Community Choir, that brought together people who just wanted to sing! No experience necessary, no auditions, just a group that sang for fun and friendship. Crescendo was born!!


The choir sings because they enjoy singing - there is no requirement to be there every week - we realise that people have some weeks that they simply have something better to do! But week after week over 40 turn up to sing some fab songs, led by Kev and have a fab time in the process. 


So why not come along and give us a try - aged 16 - 106, contact us for a trial night - its free and fun!!

2021 Update

Following the COVID Pandemic, and due to the fact that Kev is moving out of the area, the choir has merged with another local mixed voices choir, and is currently rehearsing under the original name of Derby Community Choir. Still the same, but with added mens voices, and a new Musical Director. We now meet at the Leylands Retirement Village on Broadway in Derby.

Our new Musical Director is Robin Fugill:

Robin was demonstrating a love for singing and music from a very early age and a serious musical life began for him at age eleven, when he learnt the trombone and joined a local brass band. He then was attracted to the piano and the folk guitar. Robin has spent most of his life in music, and studied music drama and theology at university, gaining a BAhons and MA, followed by qualifying as a teacher with a Cert Ed. Robin has wide experience of the performing arts through musical theatre, performing as a singer within several bands and appearing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. After University Robin embarked on a career teaching music at schools in Yorkshire and in Derbyshire including – one of his favourite jobs - Head of Music at Ecclesbourne School, where he taught for six years

A Message from Robin, our Musical Director

To anyone who would like to join a choir but feels reluctant to try;


Singing in a choir is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable of activities, having proven physical and mental benefits and it has no age barriers.

I have taught many pupils, both in schools and adults in male voice and mixed choirs who initially felt reluctant to explore their singing potential. Many people think they can’t sing, however, most can but finding their natural pitch and range is usually the problem, but this can be discovered by an experienced voice coach. I have found very few hopeless cases.

Not everyone has a quality of voice, or the confidence, to sing solo but when average voices, when harmonised with other singers of differing vocal ranges combine in a well led choir, the results can be stunning and bring spine tingling enjoyment to audiences.

SmoothSounds was moving forward in leaps and bounds, performing three concerts in the latter months of 2019 during the early period of the choir’s formation, and we were invited back by all three sponsors to perform again, then covid arrived!

We have kept our momentum by Zoom practices and look forward to the next few months; as the country becomes vaccinated and life and our choir can resume to a more normal life and we can progress with our exciting plans. You could be part of them. It’s just a phone call away.

Best wishes