Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

- 7th May 2022 -

The concert  originally booked for May 2020 was cancelled because  the country went into lockdown. This , Saturday 7th May, was the day the choir bounced back with a stunning programme,  in an historic setting,  of pop classics.


Here are some of the pics and soundtracks from the evening.

 Our concerts use a mix of  choir and soloists. This is one of our solo performers rehearsing her number at the afternoon sound check.  


 At the choir warm-up in the afternoon - part of
The Lion King Medley  

Our Story

Jar of Hearts

 The full programme of songs can be seen below. A selection of  popular classics that will live forever in people's hearts. This is Mamma-Mia which  lasts a total of 12 minutes but edited down in this video to 2minutes.

Meet The Team


See The Light

Music of the Night

Crying in the Rhythm of the Rain

Solo: Can't Help Falling in Love


Soloist: The Rose

Lion King

Mamma Mia

Nothing Else Matters

I Understand

Solo: One Moment in Time

A Thousand Years

Adele: Hits from the Album 21

Jar of Hearts

Rule the World